Natures Cure 100% Bio Cleaner

Natures Cure 100% Bio Cleaner

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Natures Cure by Essential Elemants

A powerful 100% BioDegradable multi-purpose, Nano super-concentrated cleaner that leaves a zero chemical footprint! Not stopping there, it actually carries on its primary task of breaking down fats and oils, cleaning the sewers as it makes its way to the ocean or local treatment works. Even when Natures Cure reaches the ocean it still continues the primary objective of reversing the oil and chemical damage in our oceans.


Powerful cleaning! ZERO damage!

Natures Cure will clean anything to a high and safe standard. You can clean windows, wash the pots, work tops in  kitchens, bathrooms and incredibly Natures Cure is great for cleaning your patio. Firstly it is 100% pet friendly, it will not poison the ground, nor will it kill your grass or plants . It is 100% bio safe.


Whatever your task Natures Cure has it coverered!

You can also use Natures Cure as a powerful stain remover.

1. Spray the affected area (undiluted),

2. Use a clean cloth and gently rub or sponge on to the affected area,

3. Add water if required

4. As the stain lifts use a clean cloth and wipe soiled water away.

5. Always test on an unseen or inconspicuous area before you attempt any stain.


Imagine if even 5 % of our global community made the change and used Natures Cure instead of harmful chemicals, our ocean pollution could go into remission and start self healing.

Do a positive thing today and try the most powerful 100% biodegradable  multipurpose biocleaner on the planet and use nature to help nature.