Life-Guard Textile Spray

Life-Guard Textile Spray


Using advanced Nano-technology, our super concentrated disinfectant turns your clothing into armour.

Life-Guard Textile Spray kills COVID-19 dead along with thousands more pathogens (i.e. SARS, Ebola, HIV, Norovirus, Rotavirus etc).

Spray on your settees, mattresses, carpets & curtains as well as your clothing and footwear.

Life-Guard Textile Spray is at the cutting edge of the nano-super concentrates of liquid disinfectants.

Life-Guard disinfectant was originally designed for and used by the airline industry, and is now used globally by other transport systems such as cruise liners, trains, bus and taxi services and other public travel sectors across the world.

With a residual antimicrobial effect lasting up to 10 days you can be assured that your clothes, shoes, sofa, carpets or curtains will be free from micro superbugs and harmful pathogens.

Life-Guard Textile Spray is water based and it is the most powerful multi textile disinfectant spray on the market.


Illumini Prime Ltd are incredibly pleased to introduce Life-Guard Textile Spray to the public market as believe it is the perfect way to protect and keep your loved ones safe.



Do not attempt to create a stronger dilution rate of 2/100 as there is no added benefit for textile protection.

If you do want to build stronger residual protection when required, i.e. if you wear a particular item of clothing in public on a daily basis, a coat for example you may wish to spay the item every 3-4 days. This will create a residual anti-viral effect on your textiles.

If you are protecting textiles, furniture or carpets in a high use area, i.e. cafe, hotel, waiting area we suggest a daily spray keeps the bugs away.