Fridge Stix

Fridge Stix

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Fridge Stix are a revolutionary technology that have the ability to save us money and help save the environment and our planet.


Once you have placed the Fridge Stix atomiser in your fridge, your fresh food will last up to 3 x longer and the whole of your fridge and its contents, will be protected against nasty pathogens, bacteria and germs.



Yes!... you will save money. Because you won't be forever throwing away fresh ingredients or food you have already cooked and saved for another day. 

In the UK;

An average household will throw away £39.16 p/m = £469.92 p/a of rotten food. *ECO SAVE £39.16*

A family household will throw away £58.33 p/m = £699.96 p/a of rotten food.  *ECO SAVE £58.33*


To activate your fridge atomiser 

Simply use both hands and gently snap the tube. You will hear and feel a small crack. You will see the liquid in the tube has changed to a yellow colour. Now your Fridge Stix atomiser is activated, hang in your fridge and receive total protection.

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