Anti-Virus Pathogen Killer

Anti-Virus Pathogen Killer

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Essential Elements

Anti-Virus Pathogen Killer


This is the most powerful water based nano-disinfectant on the market!

Up to 10 days protection (untouched surfaces)

Up to 24 hours on used surfaces.

Hospital Medical Grade 2.

Used commercially by the airline, cruise liner, hotel & hospitality industries, hospitals, surgeries, public buildings and areas this powerful super nano-concentrate is available to buy online.

Use diluted as a stand-alone spray for those high usage areas, or for a blanket disinfectant use, killing airborne pathogens and sanitising hard to reach areas, use with our NANTO atomiser to keep your areas pathogen free.

99.99% effective against super pathogens i.e. SARS, Covid-19, Ebola, Norovirus & Rotavirus. In fact, the other 0.09% making the 99.99% effective, cover an extra 40,000 germs, pathogens and virus.

So much kinder to our water system and eco system compared to bleach and other toxic cleaners, this is the perfect alternative. The only way to create a safe, powerful protection bubble for up to 10 days is to use Essential Elements Anti-Virus.


No other disinfectant can match the strength and protection of our nano super-concentrate!


Killing super-pathogens within 5 minutes, and providing  a high usage area protection for up to 24 hours and untouched areas for a huge 10 days! Nothing compares to our Anti Virus nano-technology.